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Serving Chesapeake-Portsmouth along the Western Branch of the Elizabeth River and Surrounding areas

Steve lives here on the water, not just any water - but your water. Steve and his family live on the mid-southern end of the Elizabeth River. Your backyard is his, and he rides these open waters and watches the sunsets daily. When choosing an agent, it is important to choose someone familiar with not only living on the water - but living on this area's water.


Steve is well-versed on many aspects specific to our area, including mile markers, tide schedules, local eateries, fueling stations, distances to the docks and many other variables. Many agents who list waterfront properties do not even live on these waters and are unfamiliar with these basic aspects. When choosing who is best suited to represent one of your most valuable assets or choices - don’t you think this knowledge is key?


Steve's experience in hundreds of real estate transactions allows him to have greater insight and knowledge than most agents. He has been involved in the transactions of over 900 transactions in 13 years, which is many more than most local realtors have handled. Real world experience like this cannot ever be taught in a classroom.

Why is Realtor Steven M. Caron different?

Have better peace of mind with the complete information that we'll provide

  • Private water tours of the Elizabeth River by boat

  • Viewing of homes by boat or by land

  • Ariel photography shots

  • Virtual tours

  • Knowledge of tide schedules

  • Knowledge of different effects of storms and wind

  • Distances to mile markers

  • Locations of fueling stations

  • Boat maintenance and repair shop information

  • Boat sales information

  • Locations of public launching areas

  • Pier repair, construction, boat lift information

  • Channel markers and locations

  • Flood certifications (restrictions apply)

The mission of Waterfront Lifestyles For Sale is to offer our experience of hundreds of real estate transactions and a love for waterfront living to create a better real estate experience for those choosing to live or leave a waterfront lifestyle. Choosing to buy or sell a property on the water is a much different experience than your typical real estate transaction. There are many different factors that need to be considered.

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